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Vitrified Brief Introduction

Zibo King Abrasives Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 21, 2017

Ceramic binder is mainly used for all kinds of bonded abrasive products manufacturing, the proportion is still small in the superhard abrasives, as the combination of CBN abrasive agents in the former Soviet Union, United States and Japan accessto a wide range of development of vitrified's main ingredients are low-melting glass materials, such as borosilicate glass, leaded glass, and so on. Manufacturing vitrified main raw materials see ceramic abrasives, including glass and non-glass materials and coloring agents and temporary bonding agent.

Characteristics of vitrified high chemical stability, almost able to work in a variety of cooling medium and small elastic deformation, brittle, can be made into a variety of hardness grades of abrasive, to various hardness of workpiece machining, good self-sharpening, the drawback is recycling difficult.

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