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The Application Of Ceramic Grinding Wheel Is More And More Wide

Zibo King Abrasives Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 13, 2017

Ceramic Grinding Wheel is an important part of abrasive grinding industry, abrasive mold industry in the machinery production of the status of more and more heavy, ceramic grinding wheel has an indispensable role. With the development of science and technology, new materials continue to grow, machining to high-quality, high-precision, high-efficiency, automatic direction of continuous development, ceramic binder ceramic Grinding wheel applications More and more widely, the dosage is increasing.

Ceramic Binder Diamond Ceramic Grinding wheel has high-strength, good heat resistance, cutting sharp, high grinding efficiency, grinding process is not easy to heat and plugging, small thermal expansion, easy to control the processing accuracy. Compared with the resin bonded diamond ceramic Grinding wheel, Vitrified Grinding Wheel it solves the problem of low life, low grinding efficiency and easy deformation in grinding process of the resin diamond ceramic grinding wheel.

Introduction of abrasive

1. Abrasive and its selection

Abrasive is the main raw material for making ceramic grinding wheel, using diamond as abrasive hardness, high compressive strength and good abrasion resistance, diamond abrasive tools in grinding to become grinding hard and brittle materials and cemented carbide ideal tool, not only high efficiency, high precision, but also good roughness, abrasive less consumption, long service life, but also improve working conditions. Widely used in ordinary abrasives difficult to process the low iron content of metal and non-metallic hard and brittle materials, Vitrified Grinding Wheel such as cemented carbide, high alumina, optical glass, agate gems, semiconductor materials, stone and so on.

2, particle size and its selection

Granularity refers to the size of abrasive materials. Particle size is divided into two groups of grinding grains and micropowder. The abrasive grains are classified by screening, and its granularity is expressed as a number of holes within a a-inch length of the screen. The selection of abrasive granularity is mainly related to machined surface roughness and productivity. Coarse grinding, the grinding allowance is large, the required surface roughness value is larger, should choose coarse abrasive. Because of coarse abrasive grains, large pores, grinding depth can be larger, ceramic grinding wheel is not easy to plug and fever. In the fine grinding, the allowance is small, Vitrified Grinding Wheel the roughness value is lower, the finer abrasive grains can be selected. In general, the finer the abrasive grains, the better the surface roughness of grinding.

3. Binder and its selection

A material called Binder used to bond abrasives in ceramic grinding wheels. The strength, impact resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance of ceramic grinding wheels are mainly determined by the properties of the binder. Ceramic binder resistance to water, oil, acid, alkali-resistant corrosion, can maintain the correct geometry. Large porosity, high grinding rate, large strength, the most widely used binder, can be made of a variety of abrasives ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheel, ceramic binder diamond ceramic grinding wheel in the ceramic and other special materials grinding process, a

There are more and more obvious advantages, Vitrified Grinding Wheel which are considered high speed, high efficiency, high precision, low grinding cost, low environmental pollution of high-performance ceramic grinding wheel.

II. Processing Ceramic Grinding Wheel

1. INGREDIENTS and mixture

The preparation of abrasive materials is calculated according to the ingredient manual, and the abrasive, binder, dextrin, water glass, or pore-forming material needed for a ceramic grinding wheel can be calculated. For example, we do 350 ceramic grinding wheel, that is, outside diameter 350mm, inner hole 127mm, thickness 40mm. Abrasive wa (white corundum), particle size F46, hardness K, tissue number 6, Binder: There, maximum working line speed 40m S, number of films: 10. Molding size 353, do the ceramic grinding wheel before the single weight, according to the formula can calculate the single weight of ceramic grinding wheel 7.9kg, calculate the total weight, according to the batching manual can calculate the required abrasive Wa46: Panax notoginseng. 6kg, Binder B2:3.572kg, Dextrin powder: 0.564kg, 1.4 Specific water glass: 1.354kg, mixed 2 pot material can. Then from the warehouse to weigh the required variety of abrasives, Vitrified Grinding Wheel with the waiting to mix. Mixing material is the process of mixing the material into the mixer in order.

2. Molding

The molding of the ceramic grinding wheel is mainly through the die sleeve forming and then pressing on the hydraulic press. Before molding, also should sieve the abrasive, and then call out the molding ceramic grinding wheel required for the weight of the abrasive, pour into the hydraulic machine forming part, and then stir the material as evenly as possible, scraping board with scraper, into the template, the template again on the touch sleeve, push into the hydraulic press, start the hydraulic machine, you can set a certain pressure, hydraulic press to set pressure will stop, and then discharge pressure, the top of the molding ceramic grinding wheel. The thickness of the ceramic grinding wheel is measured in the range of the progressive error, and then placed on the ceramic grinding wheel.

Third, drying, firing

1, drying

After the ceramic grinding wheel is finished, put on the ceramic grinding wheel frame, push into the drying kiln to dry, at present is the electric stove wire heating, temperature to 90 degrees Celsius heat preservation 12 hours, then natural cooling, can. After mass production, it can be dried by using the heat energy that is removed from the kiln of firing ceramic grinding wheel. Generally speaking, the diameter of 150mm under the ceramic grinding wheel in the sun can reach drying purposes, the diameter of more than 200mm of ceramic grinding wheel, especially 500mm, 600mm large ceramic grinding wheel in the drying kiln drying, otherwise in the firing time will appear cracks, Vitrified Grinding Wheel affecting the quality of ceramic grinding wheel.

2. Firing

Fired ceramic grinding wheel kiln is the use of intermittent automatic control furnace, can be set up in the controller temperature curve, and then in the kiln temperatures with the setting of a good heating curve rise or fall, the whole process of automatic control, temperature uniformity, heating fast, high sintering quality.

IV. Processing

The surface of ceramic grinding wheel can be machined with ordinary lathe, inner and outer circle. Special-shaped ceramic grinding wheel machine can realize the vehicle, grinding, drilling and other processes of automatic work cycle, according to the preset procedures to complete the precision and efficiency of the grinding wheel of the outer circle, section, diameter, hole of the turning, grinding, suitable for parallel, cup, bowl, disc, worm and various special-shaped ceramic grinding wheel processing. Suitable for the professional design of ceramic grinding wheel, the tool holder is stable, accurate positioning and high machining precision. Spindle frequency conversion speed, speed gradient, processing ceramic grinding wheel without surface scratches, reduce scrap rate.

Automatic program control, complete manual can not complete the action, simple operation, save manpower. Processing ceramic Grinding wheel hole coating machine, including the centering cylinder, squeeze cylinder, storage tube, connection pipe, mandrel, with the middle hole of the chuck and pallet, the ceramic grinding wheel support on the pallet, through the squeeze cylinder will be stored in the barrel of the paint to the core rod, in the role of the centering cylinder, so that the core rod in the ceramic grinding wheel inside the hole in reciprocating coating. Ceramic grinding wheels with different inner holes have different core rods for coating holes, after use to seal the preservation of the mandrel, to prevent the core rod inside the coating material hardening, plugging dead paint hole, Vitrified Grinding Wheel generally will be immersed in the core rods in diesel oil, unused coating materials directly add water cover material can be, not contact with the air.

V. Product TESTING

The hardness of the ceramic grinding wheel is mainly detected by the abrasive grinding machine of the ceramic wheel, which is a certain volume of quartz sand particles sprayed on the surface of the ceramic grinding wheel by means of compressed air with a certain pressure. will be measured ceramic grinding wheel out of the pits, with this small pit depth to determine the hardness of the measured ceramic grinding wheel, high hardness of the small pits shallow, low hardness of the small pits deep, the small pits have specific values. For example, the 350 ceramic grinding wheel In the previous example, 350mm diameter ceramic grinding wheel, hardness K, particle size 46, by looking at the table on the machine can know the standard value of its hardness is 2.34-1.80, tolerance value of 2.61-1.57, the number of values in this range is the hardness, not in the unqualified.

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