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Note On The Transportation Of Ceramic Grinding Wheel

Zibo King Abrasives Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 20, 2017

Ceramic Grinding Wheel: Because its binder is ceramic, its chemical composition is stable, heat-resisting, water resistant, strong, but more brittle.

This type of grinding wheel is used in most cases. such as external grinder, surface grinder, because the grinding wheel will produce a lot of heat, so to wash water cooling, Vitrified Grinding Wheel ceramic bonding agent is better.

Note on the transportation of ceramic grinding wheel

Ceramic Grinding wheel transport needs to pay attention to a lot of matters, to ensure that the ceramic grinding wheel in the transport process will not appear wear and other phenomena. Vitrified Grinding Wheel This problem is very important, only to ensure the transport process of the matter in order to ensure the final grinding wheel integrity. People in the industry should do a detailed understanding of it, there are 4 main points:

1. The ceramic grinding wheel is stacked neatly in a flat way, Vitrified Grinding Wheel and can not be inclined and subjected to long term pressure to prevent deformation;

2, ceramic grinding wheel must complete packaging transport and avoid collisions, not long-term exposure to damp, can not contact with alkali;

3, the implementation of advanced first-use principle to ensure the best use of products;

4, avoid direct contact with the ground, with the tide of the wooden pallet pile up, Vitrified Grinding Wheel from the ground height 10-15cm appropriate, stacking height of not more than 1 meters;

The above 4 aspects are the ceramic grinding wheel in the transport time need to pay attention to the problem, so as to better transport the product to the destination, Vitrified Grinding Wheel so we should pay attention to these aspects, this will reduce the impact on the grinding wheel.

Ceramic grinding Wheel, which is made of the following weight of the raw materials: High-temperature adhesive 6-10, ammonium ferrous sulfate 8-14, propylene glycol triglycerides 6-11, boric acid 3-5, silicon carbide 6-10, rigid powder 7-9, ferric chloride 1-4, microcrystalline ceramic abrasive 9-16, wetting agent 2-5, lapis lazuli 6-11, oxidized polyethylene wax 3-11, Tool steel Powder 2.5-6 parts, calcium carbonate 6-9, calcium oxide 1-4, titanium dioxide 9-12, copper oxide 2.3-5. The beneficial effect of the invention is that the ceramic grinding wheel of the invention is good adhesion and the particles are not easy to fall off, while the quality of the polished workpiece is good and the gloss is good.

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