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High Grinding Efficiency Of Ceramic Grinding Wheel

Zibo King Abrasives Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 20, 2017

Ceramic grinding Wheel, is made of ceramic binder diamond ceramic grinding wheel, with high strength, good heat resistance, cutting sharp, high grinding efficiency, grinding process is not easy to heat and plug, small amount of thermal expansion to control the processing accuracy. It has the characteristics of good balance, radial and end-face beating.

Ceramic Grinding Wheel: Because its binder is ceramic, Vitrified Grinding Wheel its chemical composition is stable, heat-resisting, water resistant, strong, but more brittle.

Ceramic Grinding Wheel is grinding machine (grinder) on the use of abrasives. The ceramic grinding wheel is made from the process method of making ceramics by abrasive bonding agent.

The characteristics of the ceramic grinding wheel are determined by the following five factors: abrasive, particle size, binder, Vitrified Grinding Wheel hardness and microstructure.

Ceramic Grinding Wheel abrasive: Commonly used ceramic grinding wheel abrasives have oxide systems (such as corundum), carbide systems (such as silicon carbide), high hardness abrasive systems (such as diamond) three categories.

Abrasive granularity of ceramic grinding wheel: Granularity indicates the size of abrasive grains. Vitrified Grinding Wheel The grain size of the abrasive grains is indicated by the mesh number of the sieve.

Ceramic Grinding Wheel Binder: The role of binders is to glue the abrasive particles together, is the ceramic grinding wheel has the necessary shape and strength, there are ceramic binders, resin binders, rubber binders, metal bonding agent.

Hardness of ceramic grinding wheel and selection of hardness of ceramic grinding wheel: The hardness of ceramic grinding wheel is the difficulty of falling off from the surface of ceramic grinding wheel under the action of grinding force. The hardness of ceramic grinding wheel shows that the hardness of ceramic grinding wheel is different from that of abrasive grains.

Ceramic Grinding Wheel Organization: The microstructure of ceramic grinding wheels reflects the proportion of abrasive grains, adhesives and pores. The larger the proportion of abrasive grains in the overall ceramic grinding wheel, Vitrified Grinding Wheel the more dense the microstructure and the smaller the pores. Ceramic Grinding Wheel organization is divided into close, medium, loose three levels.

Ceramic Grinding Wheel shape: According to different application occasions choose different shape of the ceramic grinding wheel. The most common is disc shape, diameter, Vitrified Grinding Wheel thickness has a variety of specifications.

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