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Grinding Wheels Commonly Used Binders Are Three

Zibo King Abrasives Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 21, 2017

Grinding wheels commonly used binders are of three kinds: vitrified (clay binder), rubber bonded, resin binder.

Hardness with bonded particles called wheels. If bond is tight grain binding, thenhard grinding wheels, bonded soft grinding wheel grain binding doesn't too firmly. Determination of hardness of grinding wheel is available certain equipment. Transmission line noise can be broadly identified by sand. When we gently with a metal bar when it is struck, sound more crisp, high hardness.

Towels have a label on each wheel, indicate the manufacturer brands, the abrasive,grain size, bond, hardness, size, speed, date of construction, and so on. In normalcircumstances, only indicate the manufacturer brand, size, hardness and working speed. We can according to the grinding wheel performance, combined with the need to make a selection. Wheel when they work, the workpiece should be cooled, special grinding Planer knives, cutters, drills, and so on, to prevent cutting annealed. China currently produces vivid knife grinding machine, all with automatic controlof cooling liquid pump. Sharpen your saw blade, saw blade when not cooling. Noknife grinding machine, grinding machine cooling device should prepare a bucketor basin.

The blade in the grinding process, every stroke was grinding to thickness, according to a variety of different materials, grinding is not the same, about 0.012~0.015mm for carbon steel, alloy steel was about 0.01~0.02 mm. Its substance like diamond grinding disc.

Grinding degree of thickness determined by the following two points, surface size by grinding and grinding wheel peripheral speeds. At the same speed, less grinding, grinding greater thickness and vice versa, grinding surface is, the larger, less grinding thickness. If the wheel size and quality, rate is proportional to the amountof grinding.

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