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Grinding Wheel Grinding Cutting Tools

Zibo King Abrasives Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 21, 2017

Grinding wheel grinding cutting tools, it consists of many small, hard, abrasive andbinder viscosity of porous objects. Abrasive directly undertakes cutting work must be sharp and has high hardness, heat resistance and toughness. Common abrasives are aluminum oxide (also known as corundum) and silicon carbide in two ways.High abrasive hardness, good toughness alumina class, suitable for grinding steel.Silicon Carbide abrasive hardness higher, sharper, good thermal conductivity, butmore brittle and suitable for grinding cast iron and tungsten carbide.

Equally abrasive grinding wheels, because of its thick, workpiece surface roughness after processing and efficiency are not the same, coarse abrasive for rough grinding, abrasive fine for more coarse grinding, abrasive, its smaller size.

Bond role for bonded abrasives. Commonly used is vitrified, followed by resin bonding agent. Binder materials different effects wheel corrosion resistance, strength,heat resistance and toughness.

Grain bonded in prison, is less easy to fall off the wheel, and hardness of grinding wheel, grinding wheel hardness is the surface of the ease of wear particles underexternal force off. Easy to fall off as soft, otherwise known as hard. The hardness of grinding wheel and abrasive hardness are two different concepts. Ground surface is relatively soft, abrasive cutting edges (edges) is easy to wear and abrasive useof time can be longer, which means that alternative bonding stronger wheels (highhardness of grinding wheel). Conversely, low hardness of grinding wheel for grinding high hardness of work-piece.

Wheel in high speed conditions, to be safe, before installing check to, there should be no cracks and other defects in order to make the wheels smooth, dynamic balancing test should be carried out before use.

Wheel work after a certain period, its surface voids will be clogged with debris, abrasive sharp blunt, the geometry is distorted. Must be trimmed in order to restorethe cutting ability and the correct geometry. Dressing the grinding wheel with a diamond.

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