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Current Development Of Vitrified Grinding Wheels

Zibo King Abrasives Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 21, 2017

To solve these problems, scientists studied from different perspectives, including low temperature properties of vitrified ceramic adhesives diamond wheel memoryis influenced the quality and development of key factors. Therefore, the study of high strength and low temperature, low thermal expansion coefficient, excellent low-temperature ceramic adhesives is the focus of Ceramic grinding wheels for superhard materials at home and abroad.

Tanaka T,EsakiS,Nishida k by selectively increased in the wheel hole number and size, can make the superabrasive grinding wheel with self-sharpening performancewas further improved.

Jackson MJ,Barlow N,Mills b by controlling the wheel within the pore structure of super hard materials, production of grinding wheels with high bond strength, goodgrinding when grinding efficiency and cooling performance. By means of Thermo-mechanical analysis, Raman Spectroscopy, Kuan-Hong Lin,Shih-Feng Peng,Shun-Tiab Lin to sintering temperature, sintering atmosphere, sintering time on superhardmaterial vitrified firing shrinkage and diamond studies the burning, and vitrified diamond grinding wheels and grinding characteristics of sintering parameters. Russia scholar selection of superhard material vitrified formula mainly to chemical composition ratio of boron or boron glass leaded glass system is selected as research objects. Lead glass bond to a more in-depth study, but the lead is a toxic substance, easy to break down at high temperatures.

In the early 90 's Japan researchers vitrified bond of diamond wheel for high efficiency and high precision grinding, concentration of grinding wheels, abrasive requirements when selecting. Research compositions Na2O-B2O3-SiO2 borosilicate glass system bond superhard material grinding wheel grinding performance of ceramic Binder ratio formula mainly chemical ingredients of select boron boron glassor leaded glass system as a research object.

Study abroad, toughened and reinforced the vitrified began research, such as thebinder of glass-ceramics processed, combined with the addition of some suitableagents whiskers. They find add Silicon Borate whisker in the bond, on the one hand can inhibit the formation of cristobalite, preventing parties in 100 ° C~200 ° c, quartz grinding wheel to crack due to swell in size; the other hand aluminum Boratewhisker itself can have the effect of whisker reinforced, thereby increasing the tensile strength of bonding agent.

Ceramic bonding agent when combined with diamond abrasives, such as relativelylarge degree of difficulty, the development and production of vitrified diamond grinding wheels hindered. My company overcome the technical problems of vitrifiedbond of diamond, the first in the country to produce vitrified bond of diamond wheel for grinding stones, and developed a variety of grinding wheel specifications,has been favored in gem processing. In recent years, research and development of abrasive PCD/PCBN cutting tool ceramics bonded diamond grinding wheels, diamond compound vitrified diamond grinding wheel series vitrified diamond grinding wheels has obtained a good reputation in the market.

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