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Ceramic Grinding Wheel Should Pay Attention To Maintenance

Zibo King Abrasives Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2017

Ceramic grinding wheel In use is very popular, because its composition consists of three elements, each element is an indispensable part, so we need to understand the specific circumstances, so that in the subsequent use of more, there are those three elements?

Without considering the abrasive gas hole and the filler condition, the ceramic binder abrasives mainly using the pressure-type method, the abrasive and binder according to the weight ratio of the formula, Vitrified Grinding Wheel placed in the mixer mixed evenly, into the metal mold, in the press on the formation of rough grinding machine. The ceramic grinding wheel is dried and then baked in the kiln, the sintering temperature is generally about 1300 ℃. The sintering temperature is lower than 1000 ℃ when using low melting point melt bonding agent. Then according to the specified size of the shape of precision processing, Vitrified Grinding Wheel and finally check the product. The hole of ceramic grinding wheel is larger than other kinds of ceramic grinding wheel, Vitrified Grinding Wheel it is advantageous to chip and heat dissipation, not easy to jam, and avoids the workpiece burnout in the process of using too heat.

The abrasive, the binder and the pore form the three elements of the ceramic grinding wheel, the binder determines the kind of abrasive of the ceramic grinding wheel, it makes the loose abrasive material to form the abrasive, thus forms the high quality ceramic grinding wheel, from above summary can see, Vitrified Grinding Wheel the detail processing still is more, everybody in these aspects to standardize.

How to maintain the ceramic grinding wheel

Ceramic Grinding wheel is a relatively accurate product, if there is a lack of marks can not be used. In the use of the time to pay attention to maintenance, so that the use of the time will be relatively long, Vitrified Grinding Wheel then understand its maintenance methods.

① to know the diameter of ceramic grinding wheel correction, positioning hole processing, must be carried out by the factory. If the poor processing, will affect the use of products, and may occur dangerous, reaming in principle can not exceed the original aperture 20mm, so as not to affect the balance of stress.

② if the ceramic grinding wheel sharp degree of decline, cutting surface roughness, Vitrified Grinding Wheel should be repaired in time. But the grinding, can not change the original angle, also cannot destroy the dynamic balance.

③ produced by the ceramic grinding wheel is not immediately used, it should be flat or the use of the hole to hang it up, flat on the saw blade can not be stacked on other items or feet, Vitrified Grinding Wheel and to pay attention to moisture, rust-proof.

④ to keep the machine clean, if there is debris will also lead to a ceramic grinding wheel scratch, this day to pay attention.

In short, the daily maintenance of ceramic grinding wheel to pay attention to, so that its life will be compared with the previous extension.

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