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Ceramic Grinding Wheel Performance Requirements

Zibo King Abrasives Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 10, 2017

In the manufacture of ceramic grinding wheel, water glass is a use of a wide range of wetting adhesive. In recent years, due to the increasingly high performance requirements of molding materials, some countries have more use of organic synthetic materials. However, water glass is still widely used due to its low cost and other characteristics, especially in countries where the organic synthesis industry is not well developed.

The water glass is composed of sodium silicate, Vitrified Grinding Wheel potassium silicate and lithium silicate. But the latter two because the price is more expensive, so the industry is generally used sodium silicate water glass.

The usual method is to use soda ash and quartz sand in the reverberation furnace to 1300 ~ 1400 ℃ temperature made of molten sodium silicate, condensed into a condensate tank into a glassy sodium silicate, and then dissolved in a dissolving pot heated to dissolve, Need to be clarified, Vitrified Grinding Wheel concentrated, you can get aqueous sodium silicate solution.

In the manufacturing process, due to impure raw materials, melting of refractory materials and the impact of fuel composition, often mixed with a small amount of impurities, so that the original was colorless and transparent water glass, stained with reddish, gray, yellow and other colors.

In the manufacture of ceramic grinding wheel, Vitrified Grinding Wheel sometimes need to use powdered water glass to prepare the binder, that is, after the condensation of glassy sodium silicate derived.

Resin wheel and ceramic grinding wheel is the combination of different grinding wheel. As far as the nature of the binder is concerned, the ceramic grinding wheel binder is an inorganic binder, and the resin binder is an organic binder. Thus the two kinds of grinding wheel its nature and use is different:

1, ceramic grinding wheel: because of its bonding agent is ceramic grinding wheel, Vitrified Grinding Wheel so its chemical composition is stable, heat, water, strength, but more brittle

In most cases, this type of wheel is used. Such as outside the home grinder, surface grinder, because the grinding wheel work will produce a lot of heat, so to wash with water cooling, with ceramic grinding wheel type binder is better.

2, resin wheel: resin is the organic binder, it has a high elasticity and strength. But rugged, heat resistance, poor corrosion resistance.

When the grinding wheel with the end face for the use of resin grinding wheel; do material cutting can be selected with a sheet of resin binder grinding wheel; wheel speed is high when the choice of resin binder grinding wheel.

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