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Ceramic Grinding Wheel Is Very Popular

Zibo King Abrasives Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Ceramic Grinding wheel has good hardness and strength, Vitrified Grinding Wheel and the heat dissipation is fast, which can improve the surface quality of workpiece and has good economic benefit.

Ceramic grinding wheel In use is very popular, because its composition consists of three elements, each element is an indispensable part, so we need to understand the specific circumstances, Vitrified Grinding Wheel so that in the subsequent use of more, there are those three elements?

Without considering the abrasive gas hole and the filler condition, the ceramic binder abrasives mainly using the pressure-type method, the abrasive and binder according to the weight ratio of the formula, placed in the mixer mixed evenly, into the metal mold, in the press on the formation of rough grinding machine. Vitrified Grinding Wheel The ceramic grinding wheel is dried and then baked in the kiln, the sintering temperature is generally about 1300 ℃. The sintering temperature is lower than 1000 ℃ when using low melting point melt bonding agent. Then according to the specified size of the shape of precision processing, and finally check the product. Vitrified Grinding Wheel The hole of the ceramic grinding wheel is larger than other kinds of grinding wheel, it is advantageous to chip and heat dissipation, it is not easy to jam, and avoids the workpiece burnout in the process of using too hot.

Ceramic grinding wheels are widely used in wafer (semiconductor wafer and solar wafer), Diamond Composite, Diamond polycrystalline, diamond tool, cubic boron nitride, tungsten steel (cemented carbide), new engineering structure ceramics, gemstones, crystal, rare earth materials (magnetic material), Vitrified Grinding Wheel such as hard and brittle materials machining, and achieved good economic benefits.

Ceramic Grinding wheel transport needs to pay attention to a lot of matters, to ensure that the ceramic grinding wheel in the transport process will not appear wear and other phenomena. This problem is very important, only to ensure the transport process of the matter in order to ensure the final grinding wheel integrity. The industry should do a detailed understanding of it, mainly has the following 4 points:

1. The ceramic grinding wheel is stacked neatly in a flat way, Vitrified Grinding Wheel and can not be inclined and subjected to long term pressure to prevent deformation;

2, ceramic grinding wheel must complete packaging transport and avoid collisions, not long exposed to damp, can not contact with alkali;

3, the implementation of advanced first-use principle to ensure the best use of products;

4, avoid direct contact with the ground, with the tide of the wooden pallet pile up, Vitrified Grinding Wheel from the ground height 10-15cm appropriate, stacking height of not more than 1 meters;

The above 4 aspects are the ceramic grinding wheel in the transport time need to pay attention to the problem, so as to better transport the product to the destination, Vitrified Grinding Wheel so we should pay attention to these aspects, this will reduce the impact on the grinding wheel.

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