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Ceramic Grinding Wheel Heat, Water

Zibo King Abrasives Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 27, 2017

Ceramic grinding wheel because of its bonding agent is ceramic, so its chemical composition is stable, heat, water, strength, but more brittle

In most cases the use of such ceramic grinding wheel. Such as the external grinder, surface grinder, because the ceramic grinding wheel work will produce a lot of heat, Vitrified Grinding Wheel so to wash with water cooling, with ceramic-like binder is better.

The furnace used is intermittent controlled kiln, where the temperature rise curve can be set in the controller, and then the temperature inside the kiln rises or falls with the set temperature rise curve. Vitrified Grinding Wheel The whole process is controlled automatically, the temperature is uniform, high quality.

The hardness of the ceramic grinding wheel is mainly through the ceramic grinding wheel sandblasting hardness machine to detect the machine is by means of a certain pressure of compressed air, a certain volume of quartz sand particles sprayed on the surface of the ceramic grinding wheel, Vitrified Grinding Wheel the ceramic wheel to be tested small pits, The depth of the pit to determine the hardness of the ceramic wheel tested, high hardness is small pit shallow, low hardness is small pit deep, hit the pits have specific values.

Ceramic grinding wheel in the grinding should make the ceramic wheel axis and the workpiece axis is equal. Usually according to the grinding pattern to determine the high degree of error. The surface of the grinding ball surface was convex pattern, indicating that the lower half of the ceramic grinding wheel to participate in grinding, this time, should adjust the center of the ceramic grinding wheel, Vitrified Grinding Wheel so that the workpiece center with the high, until the surface of the ball was crossed mesh pattern.

Ceramic grinding wheel grinding spherical surface when the error requirements within 0.003-0.004mm. Ceramic wheel frame to rotate a certain angle, ceramic grinding wheel hole size of the dressing should be completed before the machine to adjust. Ceramic grinding wheel in the grinding process after grinding blunt, Vitrified Grinding Wheel do not need to trim the hole, as long as the sand with the sand can be trimmed the end of the ceramic wheel can be.

Due to the intense friction, leaving the grinding zone temperature is high. This will cause the workpiece to produce stress and deformation, and even cause the workpiece surface burns. So grinding must be injected into a large number of coolant to reduce the grinding temperature. Coolant can also play from chip removal and lubrication.

Abrasive wear, the grinding force also increases, resulting in abrasive grain broken or fall off, re-exposed sharp edge, this feature is called "self-sharpening." The self-sharpening makes the grinding work normally in a certain period of time. However, after a certain working time, it should be manually trimmed to avoid vibration, noise and damage to the surface quality of the workpiece.

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