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Ceramic Grinding Wheel Grinding High Efficiency

Zibo King Abrasives Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 04, 2017

Ceramic grinding wheel is made of ceramic binder diamond wheel, high strength, good heat resistance, cutting sharp, high grinding efficiency, grinding process is not easy to heat and block, thermal expansion is small, to control the processing accuracy.

Ceramic grinding wheel is very popular when used, because its composition consists of three elements, each element is an integral part, so we have to understand the specific situation, Vitrified Grinding Wheel so that after the use of more , That there are three elements?

Without considering the abrasive and porosity and filler conditions, the ceramic binder abrasive mainly used pressure method, the abrasive and binder according to the proportion of the weight of the formula, placed in the mixing machine mixed evenly into the metal mold Inside, Vitrified Grinding Wheel in the press on the molding of abrasive blanks. Ceramic grinding wheel rough and then into the kiln drying, firing temperature is generally about 1300 ℃. When a low melting point fusion bonding agent is used, the firing temperature is lower than 1000 ° C. Vitrified Grinding Wheel And then according to the size of the required size of precision processing, and finally check the product. Ceramic grinding wheel pores relative to other types of grinding wheel is large, grinding is conducive to chip removal and heat, not easy to plug, in the course of the work to avoid the workpiece because of too hot caused by the situation of the workpiece burned.

Abrasives, binders and pores constitute the three elements of the ceramic grinding wheel, the binder determines the type of grinding wheel abrasive, it is loose abrasive material into abrasive materials, Vitrified Grinding Wheel thus forming high-quality grinding wheel, from the above summary can be seen , The details of the deal is still more, we have to regulate in these areas.

Ceramic grinding wheel transport precautions

Ceramic grinding wheel transport need to pay attention to a lot of things to ensure that the ceramic grinding wheel in the transport process will not wear and so on. Is very important for this problem, Vitrified Grinding Wheel only to ensure that the transport process to ensure that the final wheel of the integrity of the matter. The industry should do a detailed understanding of its main, there are four points:

1, ceramic grinding wheel in a flat way stacked neatly, can not be long inclined and pressure, to prevent deformation;

2, ceramic grinding wheel must be complete packaging and transport to avoid collision, Vitrified Grinding Wheel not long exposed damp, can not contact with the base;

3, the implementation of advanced first principle, to ensure the best use of the product period;

4, to avoid direct contact with the ground, with the tidal wooden pallets stacked to the ground height of 10-15cm is appropriate, Vitrified Grinding Wheel stacking height of not more than 1 meter;

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