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Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheel for PCD & PCBN Tools

Zibo King Abrasives Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 24, 2017

Product Description

Vitrified diamond grinding wheel

Description of the vitrified diamond grinding wheel: 

The Vitrified Bond Diamond Grinding wheels are mainly used for the applications of processing the hard and brittle materials, such as ceramics, tungsten carbide and polycrystalline diamond(PDC)etc. 

Feature/Benefit of the vitrified diamond grinding wheel: 

1. Very Good Abrasion Resistance 

2. Good Form-holding capability

3. Least Resistance to Damage

4. Chemical Stability

5. Controllable Stock Removal Rate and Surface Finish Characteristics

6. Heat Resistance 

Application of the vitrified diamond grinding wheel: 

1. Rough diamond polishing

2. Tungsten carbide grinding 

3. Glass grinding

4. Steel Cutting

5. Ceramic grinding

Specification of vitrified diamond grinding wheel: 

Type: 1A1, 1F1, 1A1R, 6A2, 6A9, 3A1, 9A1, 11V9, 12A2, 14A1 etc. 

Diameters: 25mm-500mm

Thickness: 5mm-40mm

Grit: 80# -5000# (D251-D1)

Hole: 10mm-127mm

Concentration: 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150

To meet your requirements in every way, we need the following information 

----- Shape and Dimension of the wheels

----- Grit size (Mesh, refer to Table#1)

----- Concentration

----- Bond(Resinoid, Vitrified, Metallic, Electroplated)

----- Quantity

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