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Vitrified bond applications

Zibo King Abrasives Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 21, 2017

Ceramic combined agent and diamond has with common features, and General corundum, and SIC Abrasives compared, it of grinding force strong, grinding Shi temperature compared low, abrasives wear compared small; can adapted various cooling liquid of role; grinding Shi Abrasives of shape keep sex good, mill out artifacts of precision high; Abrasives within has more of stomatal, grinding Shi conducive to row chip capacity chip and thermal, easily jam, and easily burn artifacts; Abrasives of since sharp sex compared good, dressing interval of time long, dressing compared easy. Vitrified bond of diamond tools used in some developed countries is on the rise.

With the development of science and technology, growing new materials, machined to high quality, high precision, high efficiency and automation continues to develop, more and more wide application range of vitrified diamond grinding, the amount increased. Cubic Boron Nitride are mainly used in diamond tools, cutting tools,carbide and new rough grinding and fine grinding of engineering ceramic materials and ultra fine grinding metal ceramics, cast iron, ceramic, jewels, ferrite, concrete, refractory, grinding and processing of fiber-reinforced plastics.

Vitrified bond of diamond wheel for grinding of single crystal diamond, high grinding efficiency than metal-bonded grinding wheels, wear are very small, low processing costs, so using vitrified grinding wheels grinding of single crystal diamond can greatly improve efficiency. In grinding PCD tool aspects, due to resin combined agent more soft, grinding Shi easy deformation, cannot effective to grinding PCD tool; metal combined agent due to on mill grain of combined capacity too strong and makes Abrasives since sharp sex poor, grinding efficiency low, and metal combined agent wheel will caused PCD tool edge produced serious of damage; integrated grinding efficiency, and abrasives durable degrees and the artifacts surface of processing quality, ceramic combined agent diamond wheel is grinding PCD tool of most right select.

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