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Grinding spherical

Zibo King Abrasives Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 21, 2017

Grinding wheel axis and the axis should be made higher, to ensure the spherical roundness. Usually in accordance with grinding patterns to determine the contoursof the error. Grinding a convex-shaped pattern on the surface of the sphere, indicated that next week grinding with grinding wheel, that is, below the workpiece away from the center of the wheel Center, at this time, adjust the wheel Center, to workpiece Center high, until the ground is crossed mesh pattern on the surface of the sphere. Error requests within the 0.003-0.004mm.

When grinding spherical wheel turning angle and wheel inner hole size the trimming should be done in front of the machine. After blunt grinding wheel in the grinding process, you do not need finishing hole, as long as the used sand dressing thegrinding wheel's end surface, it can return the wheel to sharp, and ensures that thewheel bore size does not change. Blunt grinding time after finishing in order to ensure quality. Due to the spherical surface grinding wheel axis and workpiece axis cannot be absolute, when high workpiece produces a very small level, affect the precision of the workpiece, this time, in the center of the spherical top drill a 1mm hole to avoid.

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