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Centerless cylindrical grinding characteristics of form

Zibo King Abrasives Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 21, 2017

1. Cylindrical grinding workpiece Center holes in two lines, without thimbles to support the workpiece. Due to the uncertain Center of the workpiece, grinding allowance reduced.

2. External axial workpiece with Groove grinding not grinding, grinding workpiecewith hole, cannot correct hole position of the axis, the concentricity of the workpiece is lower.

3. Cells cut in General can only be processed on rolling workpiece on the rollers, isparticularly suitable for grinding of thin-walled parts. Grinding sleeve parts due to the cylindrical part is as a benchmark. Therefore cannot be amended between internal and external causes of the original uranium error.

4. Centerless grinding machine time coincides with the upper and lower time and easy to implement automated grinding process, the production efficiency is high.

5. Centerless grinding process, the center position depends on the size of the workpiece before grinding the original error, process system rigidity, grinding and other parameters (high processing centers, pallet angles, etc);

6. Centerless grinding motion stability and uniformity depending on the transmission chain, the workpiece shapes, weights, guide rollers and supporting material, surface, grinding with stars and other processing parameters.

7. Centerless grinding machine adjustments for a long time, to adjust the machine's technical requirements are higher, do not apply to single parts and small series production.

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