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Analysis on grinding wheel

Zibo King Abrasives Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 21, 2017

Also known as bonded abrasives, grinding wheels are with ordinary abrasive agent be consolidated into a certain shape (most are round, has a through hole in theCenter), and has a certain strength of bonded abrasives. Its generally abrasive, Binder and stomatal structure, the three elements of this three part commonly known as abrasive. Bond in accordance with different classifications, common ceramics (bonded) grinding wheels, resin (bonded) grinding wheels, rubber (bonded) grinding wheel. Wheel is the tool most commonly used, one of the most widely used, when using high speed, may be of metal or Nonmetal workpiece outside round, insideround, flat and level, such as grinding, fine grinding and fine grinding and slottingand cutting.

Grinding wheel is the main type of abrasive grinding. Is added into the abrasive grinding wheel bonding agent compacts made of porous body, drying and roasting.Due to the abrasive, Binder and different manufacturing processes, characteristicsvary with grinding wheel, grinding machining quality, productivity and economy plays an important role. Characteristics of grinding wheel is mainly determined by theabrasive, grain size, bond, hardness, organizational, shape and size, and other factors.

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