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Before use:

1.Before starting the machine, please check whether the protective device of machine tools and various reset switch is adjusted and firm or not.

2.The protective cover should cover at least half of the wheels.

3.After grinding wheel is installed on the grinding machine spindle, it must idle and the idle time should not be less than 5 minutes. When it is idling the operator should stand in a safe position, and is not allowed to stand in front of the wheel or the tangent direction.

Be in use:

1.Work surface grinding wheel with cylindrical surface, side grinding wheel is prohibited to use to avoid grinding wheel broken.

2.In the grinding process, the release lever bulldozes mustn’t be used to increase the pressure of the grinding wheel.

3.When grinding processing or dressing grinding wheel, feed quantity must be suitable, and use specific dressing tools to dress grinding wheel.

4.In order to avoid the influence on the performance of the grinding wheel balance, please turn off the cooling fluid before the grinding wheel stops rotating and grinding wheel continues rotating until the fluid runs off.

5.The grinding fluid of grinding wheel bond is destroyed is forbidden to use. Cooling fluid isn’t used where the temperature is below zero degree.

Proper wheel installation

Before installation:

1.Check carefully whether there are cracks or damage, and knock with a hammer to listen to whether there is mute. Don’t install if there are cracks or mute.

2.Proofread the spindle speed and the highest safety speed marked on the surface of the grinding wheel. Don’t exceed the maximum speed.

3.After correcting the machine with a diameter above150mm and testing strength rotary according to related standards, the grinding wheel can be installed and used.


1.When installing grinding wheel, keep chuck firm and the diameter size of the two chucks must be equal. Between the two chucks and grinding wheel end surface, put asbestos cushion, rubber plate, or paperboard made of elastic material o 1-1.5 mm and extend out over 1mm in chuck external circle.

2.The coordination of grinding wheel diameter and machine tool spindle (or sleeve) should be appropriate, and the gap shouldn’t be too large.

3.When install the grinding wheel, grinding wheel spindle liner and grinding wheel chuck, mutual cooperation is needed, compaction surface should be clean without any attachment.

4.Grinding wheel with diameter less than 250mm should be tested static balance, then install into the grinder for dressing. Only pass the dressing test again can it be used.

5.When fasten grinding wheel, only special manual spanner is allowed to use and supplement jig or strike tool is not permitted. If there are many compression screws, please tighten them according to opposite angle order, and revolve them smoothly. When fasten, please pay attention to the degree of tightness of nut or bolt, press enough to drive the wheel and slide level should be appropriate to prevent the pressure caused by excessive wheel breakage.

Wheel for transport and storage

1.Grinding wheel should be handled with great care in the process of transportation, handling, not weight, and prevent vibrating and impacting, and rolling on the ground.

2.The company which receives grinding wheel, should carefully check up cracks or other damage, and check up whether the brand-mark of its surface is clear and complete or not.

3.The warehouse for storing grinding wheel should keep dry from damp, cold and overheating and the temperature should be lower than 5 degree centigrade.

4.When stack the grinding wheel, the height should be lower than 1.5m, and wafer grinding wheel should be stored from deformation.

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